Aspen Market Report

Aspen Market Report

Only 2% of Buyers Foreign: 2014 Pitkin County

January 24, 2015
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Where do the Buyers of Aspen Real Estate come from? A statistical breakdown of Aspen's county, Pitkin, shows local and domestic sales represent over 98% of the number of real estate sales. International Buyers represent 2% of sales per this reconciliation. It is acknowledged that some international ownership takes place thru LLC entities that have domestic addresses and therefore may not be refelcted in these tabulations. However it is interesting to note, that the largest majority of Buyers by far are those who already own property here.
Fee Simple Sales: Year to date as of November, 2014:
  Origin of Buyer # of Transactions % Overall Fee Simple Sales
(rounded to nearest %)
Local 368 55%
Front Range of CO 18 3%
Out of Sate: Domestic 274 41%
International 15 2%
Total Sales 675 100%

 At Aspen Core Realty we direct our energies toward bringing our listed properties to the attention of the most likely buyers. That means focusing on our web presence and advertising to achieve that end. The typical buyer comes to Aspen to review all properties listed by multiple agencies that might fit their needs. Although the internet has added a new opportunity to the marketing mix, the decision and buying process still follows a fairly predictable pattern. How a property is priced and how it is presented to the brokerage community and the perspective buyers through advertisements and the showing is the cornerstone upon which the success of our brokerage is built. We are a results oriented company, rather than market share driven. Serving our clients’ interests is our first and foremost priority.  We give you the information you need to make informed decisions.
Please contact us at Aspen Core Realty to discuss your Aspen Real Estate needs. 
 Please note: The above figures are an unofficial tabulation of Pitkin County records that are believed to be reasonably accurate. Sales believed to be inaccurate indicators of the market have been eliminated. Full Interest, Fee Simple, and Arms -Length transactions are shown in the Snapshot Report. It is reproduced with permission and compliments of:  Land Title Company Aspen, Bob Rulon. 
By Mark Kwiecienski, real estate broker in Aspen since 1985.  Mark provides unique and unbiased valuation insights and opinions of value.  The views contained herein are those of Mark Kwiecienski and not necessarily those of all members of Aspen Core Realty.  He invites  sellers to call to discuss their real estate ideas or for a no obligation consultation or opinion of value of your Aspen property. For Sellers, Mark is able to  provide exclusive Seller reresentation for his listings.  If you wish to own real estate in Aspen, Mark is available to act as your exclusive agent representative, and will look out for your interests exclusively, in the evaluation, negotiation and of purchase of all properties listed with other Real Estate Companies.

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